I'm a poet and a hobbyist engineer. I enjoy building things that can make an impact at scale. At 2600Hz, I'm deploying large scale ML Models for leading telecom providers in the US. My current work explores the design and safety of Human Computer Interfaces in the context of AI.

Interface Prototypes

Multiplayer OS

Collaborative Multiplayer Operating System designed to supercharge your operations distraction-free.

Universal Recall

Access any information across your data stores inline with the context of your current task.

Talks & Publications

Discovering Sorting Networks by Neuroevolution

PyData Conference Delhi 2019 [Slides]



A pragmatic Human Computer Interface for the visually impaired to see images with spatially aware audio-haptic feedback. [Code] [Demo]


    A humane news engine that disincentivizes polarization and rewards holistic news consumption using insights from Nudge Theory. [Website]


    An Integrated Social Network & Financial Exchange to fundraise and invest in people you believe in. I built the product after I successfully IPOed myself in 2020 to clear $25,745 in student debt. [Website] [App] [Demo] [IPO]


      A medical Turk service to get conclusive second opinion on Lung Cancer Diagnoses using the Crowd-BT model.
      [Abstract] [Code]

      Socratic Diary

      Digital Personal Diary with an introspective Chat interface that engages the user in a dialectic to deeply understand and often resolve their thoughts as they journal them. [iOS] [Android] [Website] [Demo]

        Self-Assembling Robots

        Motion Planning for a swarm of Self-Assembling Robots using Reinforcement Learning [Abstract]

        There's more...
        There's a dozen other mobile apps I've published and Machine Learning experiments I've conducted. To view my entire demo showreel, you can visit my YouTube Channel or GitHub Profile.

        Lab Notes

        Interfaces of Future

        Are LLMs the end of GUIs?


        Light Switches ‘n Oak Trees

        On Overcoming Indecision


        N̶o̶t̶ ̶A̶n̶ Exception

        A Manifesto for Definite Optimism


        On Blue Checkmarks

        Should Trust be accessorized?



        Fall not for the Poet, but the Poetry.


        Try...Catch State of Mind

        Ask for Forgiveness, Not Permission



        On Quitting, Habits, and Happiness